Meet Tamasj Beffers – Our Project Manager Events

Curious to hear from the people behind Greener? In this blog, Tamasj tells us more about who he is, his work here and why he joined our team.   

To start: what are two fun facts about you? 

Well surprisingly, Green is not my favourite colour! Also, I love outdoor climbing. In fact, I feel most relaxed when I’m 100 meters high, holding onto a rope, surrounded by nature. 

What do you do at Greener? 

I am a project manager for events. I ensure smooth communication with clients in the event sector such as festival organisers and producers. I advise them on how these organisations can achieve their sustainability goals. Now and then I’m also there at festivals, assisting with setting up the battery and monitoring it. I mainly handle the pre-event preparations, but I’ll occasionally lend a hand on the actual event day. 

Why do you like working here? 

I think Greener is a very fun and lively company. They have a clear ambition, and it’s truly a company that believes in what they do. I also really value their sustainability goals. Greener is a pioneer, not afraid to stand out. Honesty and transparency are core values here, and those are principles I very much relate to as well. You can clearly see these values reflected in the people who work here. Despite being such a diverse group of people, we work well together because we’re all working towards the same goal. 

Where can we usually find you in your downtime? 

On a mountain or on a climbing wall. In the summer, I really enjoy being on the canals in Amsterdam. I love being on a boat with friends, for example. We visit various friends around the city, with the boat becoming a kind of living room where we all hang out. And, of course, I’m often found at festivals too! 

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