Frequently Asked Questions


We prefer to charge our batteries with solar and wind energy or use an existing grid connection on location. In off-grid situations we couple the batteries with a smaller diesel generator, preferably running on biofuels. In all cases we aim to provide the most sustainable solution taking the possibilities and budget into account. And even when a diesel generator is needed on location, we save around 30-60% of diesel fuel and reduce the running hours of the generator by 80-90%.

The lithium-ion batteries we use are manufactured by BMW as part of their very demanding sustainability program. They are guaranteed to last 10 years, are 95% recyclable, and the metals used in the production process are only harvested in conflict- and child labor free countries.

We transport our batteries on trucks powered with hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO), which reduces CO2 emissions by 90%. And beyond this, we make sure to optimize our transport routes as much as possible in order to reduce the number of kilometers travelled.

The amount of CO2 we can reduce depends on the circumstances. Our batteries are used as a standalone power source, or in combination with a grid connection or any other power source to create flexible, quiet and sustainable solutions. We provide green energy solutions for events, construction sites, mobile electric vehicle charging, balancing the electric power grid, and emergency relief hospitals.

Our solution can completely replace the fuel that would otherwise be used by a diesel generator. We have already saved over 230,000 liters of diesel, which equals almost 720,000 kg of CO2.


We use 336 kWh lithium-ion mobile batteries, which are among the most powerful in the business. Providing 318 kVA of power at the touch of a button.

The batteries are housed in 3-meter, 7500kg containers. These are robust, safe, easy to transport and ideal for supplying power to any location.

With 183 batteries and a total capacity of 77MWh, we have the largest set of batteries in the Netherlands. And the largest fleet of mobile batteries in the world.


We can provide a battery anywhere and we don’t let borders get in the way of our mission! We’re active right now in the Netherlands, the UK, Belgium, France, Germany and Switzerland. And we’re expanding into more countries.


Our energy forecasting software uses state of the art machine learning techniques. We use our previously obtained energy monitoring data to produce a tailored forecast based on the specific needs for each new project.

In addition, our Energy Management System monitors and controls our batteries and any other connected energy sources, locally and remotely. We can provide 24/7 live access to all the energy data.

Additionally, we provide our clients with a dashboard and chatbot to monitor the energy usage and energy trend real-time.


Our battery system is designed with safety as the highest priority. The battery system is contained within an air-conditioned 3-meter reefer container. All the control systems are on the outside; and a failsafe mechanism automatically and immediately switches off all power whenever the container doors are opened.

The system is continuously monitored to detect overheating, or any other unusual behaviour, and will power down safely if this occurs, sending an automated warning via 3G (cellphone) to all persons responsible for the system at the time.

Further, if needed for any reason, the system can be switched off immediately by hand, using an easily recognisable stop switch on the control interface on the side of the container.