Shore power

By connecting vessels to shore power, you improve the environment. We deliver complete battery solutions for locations were the existing shore power connection is insufficient. Our batteries also work in combination with solar panels or other (sustainable) energy sources. So we can find you the most sustainable solution for any situation.

  • Silent flexible solution
  • Reduced or zero emissions
  • Full installation by Greener
  • Can be used on-grid and off-grid
  • Installation possible within a day
  • 24/7 monitoring and control

About this service

Shore power for shipping, living and sleeping boats

Whether shore power for commercial vessels, houseboats or a sleeping boat, we can provide for every situation.

By linking batteries together, we can increase the capacity. With this feature there is a solution for almost every situation. Without disturbing exhaust gases or noise pollution.

The Kitepower system and our battery on the way to Aruba

Also possible without or with a mains connection that is too small

Is the local electricity grid not supplying enough power at the location where the power is needed? We compensate for this shortage with our batteries. This enables us to fulfill capacity needs. By monitoring 24/7, we always know whether sufficient power is being supplied and whether we still need to adjust things to the installation.

Local infrastructure such as grid connections or solar panels can be included to provide more capacity.