Building up festivals Greener battery

Building up, building atmosphere, building a party

Organisers are facing increasingly strict environmental regulations and permit requirements, as well as rising costs. Greener is ready to tackle these challenges by making sustainability accessible to everyone organising a festival or event. From build-up to closing act, everything can be easy, efficient, and sustainable with our mobile batteries. In this blog, we’ll guide you through the process. 

Building up sustainably 

Let’s start at the beginning: the build-up. A large festival like Awakenings attracts over 100,000 visitors per year. It takes a lot of prep work to ensure festivities of that scale run seamlessly. For example: organising, planning, preparing the festival site and facilities, setting up the stages and providing them with light and sound. 

Three weeks before the party starts, around 100 people arrive on location to make these preparations. A temporary office is set up on-site, which needs electricity. The organisers also need to eat, so there needs to be a functioning catering setup as well. In short, setting up a festival requires a lot of power! 

Everything on battery power

Normally, the organisation uses a diesel generator to generate the required energy. But by connecting a mobile battery to a nearby transformer station with a 3x80A grid connection, everything could be supplied through the grid. This saved the organisation 3500 litres of diesel. Making your festival sustainable really is that simple! 


  • Building up your festival, emission free 
  • Providing the temporary office with emission-free energy 
  • Battery-powered catering 
  • No need for a diesel generator 
  • 3500 litres of fuel saved 

But even without a grid connection, building up your festival can be done completely emission-free. Want to know how? Keep an eye on our website for our next Powering the Party blog about battery swapping!