A power plan is one of the most important steps to save energy and costs. Establishing a good power plan is therefore an important part of our services. We explain how we arrive at the best power plan with our “Powerplan” software on this page.

  • Simple planning in an online environment
  • Reducing CO2-emissions
  • Dynamic modelling and always up-to-date
  • Lower costs through customised rental
  • Perfect power plan ready in a snap

Start planning your power consumption

In many cases, a project’s power supply can be at least half as efficient. In practice, we can often achieve a CO₂ reduction of 30 to 100% on site.

Better planning of the energy supply helps enormously. This allows you to make better choices in the deployment of batteries, grid connections, hydrogen, solar panels, wind turbines and generators.

Jasper filling in our Powerplan software