Mobile EV Charging

We offer complete (temporary) charging stations for electric vehicles at any location and scale. Thanks to our mobile battery, there is enough power for fast charging with Alternating Current (AC) and Direct Current (DC) chargers. 

  • AC and DC charging up to 280 kW per battery
  • Coupling of multiple batteries possible for more power
  • On-and off-grid deployment
  • 24/7 monitored and operated
  • Quick installation and worldwide delivery

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Tim Bogerman

Tim Bogerman

EV Charging
Stef Pierik

Stef Pierik

EV Charging

About this service

Complete Charging Stations for Cars

Whether you need one or twenty charging stations, we can provide for every situation. The chargers are connected to batteries, which means that charging with our mobile charging stations for electric cars is possible at virtually any location in the world. 

Possible Without or With a Small Grid Connection

Is the local electricity grid supplying insufficient power at the location where the charging stations are to be located? Our batteries deliver the additional power that is needed to make sure vehicles are always charged at high speed. 

Even in situations without a grid connection, charging stations can still be realised with the use of our batteries. Other energy sources such as solar power can also be included to provide more capacity to recharge the batteries.