Greener in the news – The NOS shows how we deliver the cleanest power solution possible for festivals

Our Commercial Director Anna van Nunen being interviewed by the NOS next to one of our mobile battery systems

Festivals often take place in off-grid places where access to power can be a challenge. In the past diesel generators were the go-to solution. However, this has changed.
The NOS visited Lago Lago to report on the steps taken by event organisations to reduce their emissions.

Previously, diesel generators ran 24/7 at festivals. Because power is always needed, even if it is very little at some times. When we combine a battery and a genset, we only turn on the genset when the battery falls below a certain power level.

Lago Lago was organised by our partner and event organisation Chasing the Hihat Events and the integration with our mobile battery was made possible by out partner The Powershop.

The solution at Lago Lago included:
– Three of our mobile batteries, which provided the power peaks necessary.
– A biofuel generator, which is only activated when the battery needs to be recharged.
– Remote monitoring for continuous optimisation.

This combination of a smart battery system with a generator saved around 50% of fuel.

Read the article and watch the video (both in Dutch) here to learn how mobile batteries reduce emissions.

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