The growth of Greener in 2022

2022 has been great and challenging at the same time. Looking back, we are proud of what we have achieved in support of our mission to make temporary energy emission-free. Our infographic (see above) says it all. But without our Greeners, customers and investors, we could not have come this far.  

Our Greeners 

Our Greeners help us to improve and innovate and, above all, support our customers and partners. We can count on them no matter what. We admire their drive to make the world a greener place. Our job is to create the best workplace for them, where they can feel comfortable and thrive to do their best work. So, cheers to you Greeners. Thank you. 

Our customers 

From kitchen to bread factories, from festivals to construction sites and from Portugal to the United Kingdom: through our customers, we provide clean power for different purposes, in places all around Europe. Thank you to our customers, who believe in us and dare to make a change and who have joined us in making the temporary energy market more sustainable.  

Our investors 

Finally, we would like to thank our early investors as well as our new investor DIF Capital Partners. Our early investors have brought us to where we are today whilst DIF Capital Partners will enable us to grow even further. With their recent investment we intend to further strengthen our market leadership in the Netherlands and accelerate growth in Europe. We will also invest in research and development, clean mobile energy generation, the expansion of our battery fleet and the further professionalization and growth of our team. 

Ready for 2023 

We have many plans for 2023, but central to our strategy are our mobile batteries which will accelerate the energy transition. Together with you, we are ready to make an even bigger impact and decarbonise the temporary energy market. See you soon.