Press release – Greener worldwide market leader in mobile battery solutions

Alfen, specialist in smart energy solutions, provides Amsterdam-based Greener Power Solutions with its 30 new mobile batteries. As a result, Greener now has 43 mobile energy storage systems with a total capacity of 15MWh. This makes Greener the worldwide market leader when it comes to the rental of mobile power solutions through the use of batteries. The mobile batteries have been used by Greener since 2018 to offer a sustainable alternative to diesel generators. The batteries provide power in the construction industry, event industry, offshore, grid services, temporary EV charging solutions and more.

The market for mobile batteries is growing very fast. With our 43 batteries and our own control and monitoring software, our service is now truly scalable.

The new batteries consist of portable 10 ft containers based on BMW i3 batteries. The compact plug & play design allows an energy capacity of up to 336kWh and a power of 318kVA. In addition to Alfen’s software, Greener develops its own software to optimize control and monitoring per market. To this end, Greener uses machine learning and smart power planning, so that the batteries achieve maximum CO2 savings everywhere.

Alfen and Greener have gained a lot of experience during their partnership in the past 3 years, which has resulted in a rapid development of the batteries for the mobile market. Andreas Plenk, Business Unit Director Energy Storage Solutions at Alfen: “Every market has different requirements for the use of a mobile battery. We have continued to optimize our batteries, with the result that our mobile batteries are now multi-usable by Greener in various environments, from an event location to construction sites.”

Greener started in the events market. Due to the corona crisis Greener had to speed up the introduction to a number of new markets where there’s a high need for an alternative to diesel generators as well. Dieter Castelein, CEO of Greener: “The market for mobile batteries is growing very fast. With our 43 batteries and our own control and monitoring software, our service is now truly scalable”. The upscaling involves a substantial investment round. An important partner in financing the new batteries is Beequip, equipment lease specialist for heavy equipment.

Beequip offers SMEs lease solutions for the purchase of (used and new) equipment, or obtaining working capital through sale and lease back of own equipment. Beequip finances equipment in 14 different asset classes, such as road transport, maritime and energy. Ricardo Huisden, Lease Officer at Beequip: “At Beequip, we rarely say ‘no’ to a good idea. Because we take the equipment – not the annual figures of a company – as the basis for assessing the application for funding, we can also help young companies. So when we saw Greener’s business plan, we were eager to contribute ideas about leasing energy storage systems.” With this lease, Beequip is expanding its portfolio with sustainable energy systems.

Greener believes that a healthy business model and social impact can go hand in hand. That is why the turnover figures are not only figures of importance to Greener. Just as important are the CO2 and diesel savings – Greener has already saved just under 2 million kilos of CO2 and about 600,000 liters of diesel since its establishment. Greener completed the Rockstart accelerator program in 2018 and was a finalist in the Young Business Award at the beginning of February 2021.