Over 55,000 liters fuel savings thanks to Greener EMS

Electric vehicle charging at a mobile charging station

Greener is specialist in designing efficient energy solutions, also for the EV market. Recently we ran a project where our EMS achieved major savings for one of our partners in the automotive industry. A 100 kW grid connection was available on site. However, it was too small to charge 90 electric cars at the same time. To solve this, a large diesel generator was chosen to provide for the power required. This proved to be a fine solution until our partner received the first invoice for the diesel consumption.

That is when our partner contacted Greener and asked for an energy management solution that would achieve cost savings by cutting fuel consumption and thus CO2 emissions. And impact we made; By efficiently switching between the grid connection and the generator that was already present on site, the generator was running only 20% of the time. And the consumption of diesel and thus the emission of CO2 was decreased by 60%.

Due to the long lead time of the project, and the use of our EMS plus batteries we saved 57,200 liters of diesel, an equivalent of more than 180 tons of CO2 emissions!

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