Our growth in 2023

Our infographic of 2023 with our achievements of the past year regarding our growth as a company.

2023 has been a great year for Greener. Time to look back on what we have achieved this year. We have been investing in our fleet, our team and our business operations. It’s thanks to you and our other supporters that we were able to reach these milestones. 

Our Greeners

Our team has grown a lot, in fact it’s still growing. Our team consists of 51 FTEs, which is why we moved to a new office in April that better suits this bigger team of Greeners. There is also extra room for all the future team members that will be joining us in the new year. The design team at Triomf helped us give the new office a warm and homely feel. Feel free to come by for a coffee to see the new office in person. 

Greener has gone international. We opened an office in Bristol and hired five employees there to ensure smooth operations for our UK clients. Together, all of us ensure that we keep moving forward, bringing us ever closer to delivering emission-free energy everywhere. 

Our customers

Our batteries were used in a total of 12 countries. In a wide variety of projects, from the energy supply for an electric race to the first battery swap at a festival. We continuously develop and improve our software and service to provide reliable energy everywhere, no matter the situation. We would like to thank you and our other customers for your continued trust and support. Together, we accelerate the energy transition. 

Ready for 2024

We have big plans for next year. There are many more projects happening soon and right now we are finalising our plans to make next year an even bigger success. On to the next chapter! 

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