Our Greener batteries are embarking on an adventure with Power Logistics in the UK

Greener battery with the Power Logistics logo powering the British Summer Time festival

The cooperation between Greener Power Solutions and Power Logistics has been ongoing and growing during the last few years. Together with the help of our batteries, Power Logistics has supplied many events with sustainable power options and power monitoring.

Two of those projects are the Boomtown Festival 2018 & 2019 in Winchester and the British Summer Time 2018 & 2019 in London. For the Boomtown Festival a remarkable feature was the power by demand system to ensure an efficient use of energy, while an analysis of the data of the year before resulted in a smaller generator and savings of diesel fuel of 8,000 litres for the British Summer Time 2019. For both projects Greener batteries supported the sustainable electricity flow of the festivals and established a comfortable festival atmosphere devoid of CO2 emissions and noise.

Since the demand for sustainable electricity solutions has been growing in the UK, Greener has now sent two of their batteries to the UK. This enables Power Logistics to react to any requests and challenges coming their way. With our combined forces Greener and Power Logistics are changing the UK’s temporary energy market to be more sustainable!

Find the website of Power Logistics here.

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