New! Greener’s modular battery pack

Greener Batterij 281

Introducing Greener Power Solution’s modular battery pack the latest energy storage system that’s now available and perfect for providing sustainable power on-the-go in almost any situation. 

The modular battery pack consists of an AC converter connecting up to 5 DC storage units, which offer various benefits for your power project.

Modular and scalable

Our modular battery system offers the possibility of connecting the DC converter to up to 5 AC battery packs of 281 kWh. This enables easy expansion or downsizing of the system, depending on your specific project requirements. Such flexibility provides businesses with the ability to adjust their energy storage capacity as needed, without the need to replace the entire battery system.

Easy to transport

Furthermore, the modular design of our new battery pack makes it highly mobile. It can be easily transported to different sites or areas within a project site, without requiring a crane. This means that you can power up equipment, tools, or EVs wherever you need them.

Have a more detailed look of the specs at our product page.

Control of your energy usage  

As always, our batteries are controlled by our in-house developed software to deliver the most smart, efficient and cleanest possible power supply. Also, our dashboard allows you to easy analyze and improve your energy usage. You can also monitor your diesel and CO2 savings in real-time.

Greener x Northvolt

For this modular battery system, we’ve taken sustainability to another level by partnering up with Northvolt, a Swedish battery maker that produces battery cells in their own factory in Sweden. Northvolt strives to build the greenest battery in the world, with a minimal carbon footprint. They are committed to reducing their CO2 emissions and have established an in-house battery recycling process. Our shared commitment to creating a greener world is what makes us such a good match. 

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