Greener Power Solutions was chosen for the MT/Sprout Challenger50

MT/Sprout Challenger50

The jury of the MT/Sprout Challenger50 chooses 50 companies each year, which challenge the status quo of their industry and successfully so. Especially with corona influencing business for over a year already, MT/Sprout was looking for companies and entrepreneurs, which were growing during this time.

Concerning Greener Power Solutions, four different aspects have been essential for convincing the jury. Before corona, the focus for renting out batteries was almost exclusively on the event market. Due to the pandemic and events having to be cancelled, Greener had to react quickly and expanded to additional markets, such as the construction sector and grid expansion for other purposes. This led to a strong growth, even higher than before the pandemic. Furthermore, Greener has been scaling up with the purchase of additional batteries and has been proactive with investments into the future development of the company. This also include the in-house software team, which develops Greener’s own software to accommodate the needs of all different clients and quickly solve problems. Last, but not least, the focus on cleantech is a strong advantage for Greener as this industry is becoming increasingly important alongside with the aspect of sustainability.

We are proud to have been chosen by the jury of the MT/Sprout Challenger50 alongside great companies, such as Beequip and Kitepower.
To look at the website of MT/Sprout for their profile of Greener and to gain insight into our growth and future plans. click here (in Dutch).

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