Meet Yousif Eldaw – Our DevOps Engineer

Are you curious about the people behind Greener? In this blog, Yousif tells us about himself, his hobbies, and why Greener is such a good fit for him. 


Tell us two fun facts about you!

I enjoy playing board games, my current favourites are Dominion and Ritual! They’re quick games, and easy to explain to new players. Something else that not many people know is that I only need an average of 4 hours of sleep at night. Surprisingly, I function just fine on that amount! 

What do you do at Greener? 

I’m a DevOps engineer, essentially bridging the gap between the Development and Operations teams. My role involves resolving issues that slow down the work of the Operations team, aiming to prevent these problems from reaching the Developers. Instead of ‘bothering’ a programmer with these issues, I build small tools and programs to solve them. Currently, I’m working on creating a program that enables Ops to independently view and manage components of the batteries. 

Why do you like working here? 

There are many reasons! Firstly, the people, and what Greener stands for aligns with my values. It’s not often that you get to work somewhere that also feels good on an ethical level, where sustainability is taken as seriously as profit. So, in summary: the atmosphere, the culture, and the direction we are heading in as a company – these are all reasons why I like working at Greener. 

Where can we usually find you in your downtime? 

I often spend time with friends – we have board game nights, go for walks, often in nature like the Veluwe. But I also enjoy strolling through the city and listening to music. Lately, I’ve been spending more time in pubs too! 

Additionally, I’m working on completing a double MSc in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, specialising in the ethical aspect of AI.

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