Meet Jasper Clarijs – Our CTO

Are you curious about the people behind Greener? In this blog, Jasper tells us more about who he is, what he does at Greener and why he joined our team.

What are two fun facts about you? 

I’m a big fan of karaoke. I don’t really have a go-to song, but I do enjoy performing Toxicity by System of a Down. 

I also hate bananas and anything that tastes like them. 

What do you do at Greener? 

I’ve been working at Greener for 5 years now, currently in the role of CTO. I lead a team of software developers. I’m always trying to provide them with a positive work environment and engaging projects. We focus on developing Greener’s EMS platform, visualising and analysing data, and solving challenges for our colleagues through our software. My objective is to keep growing and improving the software component of Greener. 

Why do you like working here? 

Primarily, it’s the people I work with; there are many inspiring individuals around me who are also great fun to be around, and that’s something I highly value. Additionally, I appreciate the fact that we are writing software that brings about real change in the world. It’s very concrete: I can switch a battery on or off from here, and in doing so, we contribute to supplying sustainable power elsewhere. 

Where can we usually find you in your downtime? 

I love sports, and I usually play squash and occasionally padel. Spending time with friends, which often involves socialising or having a drink, is also important to me. We frequently play board games as well, with Catan being my favourite. 

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