Meet Emma Coupard – Our Operations Planner

Here you can see Emma, the Operations Planner at Greener.

Curious to hear from the people behind Greener? In this blog, Emma tells us more about who she is, what she does at Greener and why she joined our team.   


What are two fun facts about you? 

I like eating cold pizza for breakfast sometimes! Also, I speak multiple languages: French, German, English, and I’m about 50% fluent in both Dutch and Spanish.  

What do you do at Greener? 

As a planner, I wear multiple hats. One aspect of my role involves assigning batteries to various projects. I’m also responsible for dispatching engineers to the field when needed and coordinating the maintenance of our batteries. Additionally, I play a role in implementing our ERP system to ensure Greener utilizes it effectively. My work extends to project management and client interactions. I’m also on call for the emergency phone one week a month, so I manage emergency situations when they arise. 

Why do you like working here? 

The people are really nice! There’s a lot of trust, allowing me autonomy in my tasks. I don’t have to ask every time whether I can take on something. The work is diverse and interesting. I appreciate learning about the technical side, and it’s in my nature to bring structure so the planning aspect is also very nice. Plus, it feels rewarding to contribute to something so concrete and offer a sustainable alternative to diesel generators. 

Where can we usually find you in your downtime? 

Relaxing on the couch—just kidding! I love hanging out with friends and colleagues who’ve become like family. I’m also into climbing, enjoy a good walk outdoors, and I’m currently tackling Dutch lessons. Oh, and I take aerial hoop classes every week.