How Chasing the Hihat works towards emission-free festivals

Chasing the Hihat, known from other festivals such as Oranjebloesem and De Zon, has opted to outsource all power planning and infrastructure to Greener Power Solutions for the coming years. Greener will drastically reduce CO2 and nitrogen emissions at their event locations. For example through smart power planning, use of mega batteries and forecasting. In short, Greener and Chasing the Hihat will work towards emission-free festivals in the coming three years.

As a festival organizer, we are constantly looking for the smallest possible CO2 footprint. The collaboration with Greener Power Solutions will certainly contribute to greener festivals.

Greener and Chasing the Hihat have worked together for several events in the past year. Now they are taking things a step further with a three-year contract for all festivals. At each festival and each year they work towards better solutions. Such as:

  • Retrieve more data in the first year. Doing so, battery technology can be used even more efficiently in the coming years;
  • As of such Greener and Chasing the Hihat expect to save 40,500 liters of diesel and 128.8 tons of CO2;
  • Moreover transport of the battery systems is also done on biofuel.

Sustainable temporary power solutions

Greener Power Solutions is an Amsterdam based start-up. They have been working hard for a number of years to make electricity sustainable in temporary locations. Greener uses mega batteries with its own software. The batteries are charged as sustainable as possible in order to provide power to stages, caterers and visitors at events.

It is fantastic that Chasing the Hihat chooses to work together for several years to make events more sustainable. It offers us the opportunity to continuously sharpen our software and get better and better.

Predicting power consumption

Moreover Greener developed planning software to optimize flow plans and forecasting. As a result they can better predict power consumption. For example, Greener is working towards the fact that (almost) no CO2 or nitrogen will have to be emitted anymore by diesel generators. The collaboration with Chasing the Hihat is ideal to roll out these concepts.

Would you like to see how Greener works together with Chasing the Hihat? Mail or call Dieter Castelein at or 0646156439 . Come and take a peek behind the scenes at our infrastructure.