Greener innovates on the energy grid

Due to the pressure on the energy grid, customers cannot always get the correct grid connection on time. Thanks to the use of our batteries, we still offer a clean solution. For example, we realized temporary electricity for luxury accommodations, an office building, housing and a large restaurant.


Power for expanding holiday park

The Dutch energy grid is changing rapidly and it is a challenge for grid operators to keep up with this growth. That is why not all necessary connections arrive on time. Greener ensures that the temporary grid connections can be realized without diesel. For example, since July this year we have been providing clean electricity at Europarcs, Resort de Utrechtse Heuvelrug. Because more and more people in the Netherlands go on holiday due to the corona virus, EuroParcs has expanded rapidly. All new accommodations are 100% electric and this requires greater power consumption. Thanks to battery Emma and battery Izzy (together good for more than 600 kVA and more than 600 kWh) there is enough power until the required grid connection is in place. Up to now more than 200 tons of CO2 have been saved.

We see a growing need for sustainable solutions when grid connections are delayed by DSO’s.

Larger grid connection for restaurant

Recently, Greener also provided electricity for the expansion of a restaurant in the Zuidas. During the day, during opening hours, too much power was used here for the connection. Greener supplied a battery that recharged during the night, so that power was supplied during the day and the kitchen could be used optimally.

Grid maintenance at Meewind

Our batteries are also a suitable solution for network maintenance. Due to maintenance of the energy grid, the office of one of our investors, Meewind, and the underlying sandwich shop had to go out of the grid for a morning without electricity. The contractor had offered a diesel generator, but Greener could not let that go her way. That is why the office ran on a Greener battery pack. The battery was placed in the parking lot on the other side of the street early in the morning, everything was cleaned up in the afternoon.

Also too little power and the grid reinforcement not on time? Let us know.