Greener and Powerhouse work together to stabilise the national energy grid

Powerhouse pilot

More and more sustainable electricity is being generated in the Netherlands. The energy production from wind and sun are hard to predict, and this causes the electricity market to fluctuate. This increases the need to develop solutions that help to balance the supply of energy when the demand is growing – in other words to stabilise the energy grid. Now Greener and Powerhouse collaborated in a pilot to create this balance on the energy grid!

This collaboration shows that market parties are very capable of finding solutions to urgent social issues. With the use of scalable battery power, we show that making adaptation to the electricity grid is not always necessary. Creative solutions like these can be developed by the market in a cost-efficient manner. In short, the energy transition in optima forma.

Flevonice is the location where the batteries were placed. The batteries are charged when there is a surplus of renewable energy. The batteries are then discharged when there is a demand for power that is not sufficiently available in the grid. For example, when the sun is shining, this energy is stored in the batteries to be used in later moment when the sun is not shining. In this way, the batteries help to balance the grid and solve congestion problems. And that is essential for a sustainable and reliable energy supply in The Netherlands.