Battery electric removal of steel sheet piling a success!

Greener power solutions and gebr. De Koning have successfully tested a battery electric energy solution for the removal of sheet pilling. This means that there is no longer a dependency on diesel generators for this type of work.

At Gebr. De Koning we are always innovating to mitigate the nuisance caused by our construction works. That means that we are keen on lowering the use of diesel generators, greatly reducing disturbance to the surroundings and the climate. That is why using a battery electric solution works really well for us.

During the test Gebr. De Koning used an all-electric vibratory hammer to remove sheet pilling that had been in the ground for over 20 years. Up till now a large diesel generator would be necessary to deliver to electrical energy to power the hammer. During the test we proved that this work could also be executed using a Greener battery as the power source. The battery can be used as a stand-alone energy source for the hammer, but can also be used as a peak shaver on small grid connection like a 32 or 63 3-phase plug.

Looking at the outcome of the project, we call this a great succes. Both parties are investigating further deployment of the battery electric set-up. #GoGreener!