Quiet clean battery solution Greener

A quiet power solution for events in the city or nature

Festivals or events held in the city or near a Natura 2000 area must adhere to strict noise and emission standards. Neither neighbour nor nightingale wants to be bothered by loud noises. Or clouds of emissions. So how do you provide a festival like that with energy that’s both sustainable and quiet? In this blog you’ll read about two practical examples.

Example 1 – Quit power supply

Theaterfestival Boulevard ‘s-Hertogenbosch 

This annual festival takes place in various locations in the city with many theatre, music, and dance performances.

The available 160A grid connection was not enough though, and expanding with a generator is too noisy. Imagine a dramatic pause during a theatre performance interrupted by the hum and sputter of a series of generators.

Greener batteries are completely quiet. We installed two batteries that charged themselves from the grid connection and provided extra energy when there was peak demand. A quiet, clean, and emission-free solution with savings of up to 20,000 litres of diesel and 61 tonnes of CO2.

Theaterfestival clean battery power

Example 2 – Clean solution close to nature

Wadopera Peter Grimes

Greener batteries are a quiet, clean solution near Natura 2000 areas as well. Wadopera Peter Grimes is an opera show that takes place in the Frisian countryside. There are strict rules for noise and emissions in that area. Moreover, visitors want to enjoy the opera. The last thing you want to hear is a series of diesel generators.

That’s why we charged our batteries during the day, so there was no noise or smell in the evening. This easily saved the organisation 10,000 litres of diesel and 35 tonnes of CO2. And a lot of complaints.

Wadopera stille batterij stroom


  • Quiet energy, everywhere
  • Significantly fewer emissions
  • Usable everywhere, in the city or in nature

Are you organising a festival or event near nature, or somewhere in the city, with strict noise and emission regulations? Then rely on the quiet, sustainable energy of Greener’s mobile batteries.