A power supply for your off-grid festival

How do you provide a sustainable energy supply on a remote festival location without a grid connection? In this blog we explain how you can build an emission-free party, even off-grid.

The solution: Battery Swapping

There are already many sustainable solutions to get more out of an insufficient grid connection. Think of peak shaving with a battery, allowing even heavy equipment to run on a 3x80A grid connection. But in places without any grid connection, it’s still often difficult to provide a sustainable power solution. Many people still use diesel generators for this. But there’s a greener solution.

Greener has come up with something new: battery swapping. As the name suggests, this involves a solution with multiple batteries being swapped out for each other. We successfully implemented this at the Into The Great Wide Open festival. Here’s how it worked:

  • We placed one battery at the remote festival location. This one served as a buffer to provide sustainable power to the entire location.
  • At a nearby harbour, we charged another Greener battery using the available grid connection.
  • As soon as the buffer on location started to run low, we drove the charged battery to there to discharge the charged power into the buffer.
  • Then, we drove the second battery back to the harbour to recharge it.

No grid connection? No worries!

Greener can essentially set up a working grid connection at a location where there’s no access to the grid. Battery swapping is something new in the world of mobile energy solutions, but it was an absolute success! Perfect for festivals, construction projects and charging hubs in remote locations.


  • Working power supply without a grid connection
  • Sustainable solution without a diesel generator
  • Power solution even in the most remote locations